News & Events

  • Nick Ostrau presented German Chatterbox 1.0  to  highschool and college educators at the ACTFL 2017 Convention & World Languages Expo in Nashville, TN.

    German Chatterbox 1.0 ( is an interactive chatbot-based language learning application currently under development by the German Language Program director at Dartmouth. The online application allows first-year learners of German as a second language...

  • What happens when an expert on the Weimar Republic—Germany’s brief experiment with democracy between two world wars—meets the cast of Cabaret?

    That’s what Associate Professor of German Studies Veronika Fuechtner wanted to know when she learned that the theater department was staging the musical, set in early 1930s Berlin, this term.

    Fuechtner is the author of Berlin Psychoanalytic:...

  • German Studies is calling on all students to help us design a logo for our
    T-shirts, posters and other advertisement.

    What makes studying German at
    Dartmouth special?

    Please submit your design (jpg or png) to our Fulbright TA
    Mr. [email protected] by Tuesday, November 14. The winning design
    will be awarded $ 100, and the first and second runner-ups will receive $ 25

    Contest Rules:...

  • Professor Klaus Mladek interprets the German elections results on WBUR's Cognoscenti: "Even though Angela Merkel was reelected on Sunday, Germany doesn’t feel very celebratory. As a German, I’ve never seen such a worried, agitated and sullen public in my country.​ After Brexit, Donald Trump and the ascension of other nativist populists in Europe,...

  • Join us for Oktoberfest on Tuesday, October 12 in Occom Commons, McLaughlin. We'll serve brats, pretzels, music, games and crafts. Come as you are or wear your dirndl or lederhosen!

  • Twas the Night Before German Elections: A presentation by Dennis Wegner

    Join Dennis on Saturday, September 23 @ 7 pm in Max Kade Center to have your questions about the upcoming elections answered: - What is the „Bundestag“? - Who are the German people voting for? - What‘s at stake? - Will Merkel stay chancellor for another 4 years?

  • Happy Fall Term! Join us for our first German Club meeting on Wednesday, September 13 at 5 pm in the Max Kade Center at Maxwell Hall (near Thayer School of Engineering).

    We will talk about happenings in the fall term and elect new German Club officers (a president, a vice president, and a treasurer).

  • GERM 64.04 - Theater and the Revolution

    The modern theater is born from the spirit of unrest and revolution. This course is an introduction to the concept of the revolution and its relation to some of the most ground-breaking plays of modern drama. Particular emphasis will be given to the intersection between theater and history, art and politics, stage and the passion for justice. But along the way, we will cross the question of love, betrayal, disgust, rage,...

  • Claire Park and Annelise Sauter Ortiz, both of the Class of 2016, have won scholarships from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). For details, click on the headline above to see an article in Dartmouth News:

  • Our spring 2017 Max Kade Visiting Professor Line Hoven, gaphic artist and author of celebrated graphic novels in Germany,  is offering a srcatch art workshop for members of the LLCs and other student communities. All materials, snacks and drinks will be provided. The event takes place in Occom Commons, Goldstein Hall (Global Village) on Thursday, April 27 from 4-6 pm.