Federation of German-American Clubs Exchange (Semester or Year)

Are you interested in gaining international experience and getting a taste of student life in Germany? Dartmouth's partnership with the Federation of German-American Clubs offers an opportunity to study for one or two semesters at one of numerous partner universities, including Berlin, Munich, Heidelberg, Tübingen, Hamburg, and Weimar.

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If you are interested in this exchange, please consult the Chair of the Department of German Studies.

  • Applications are due before the end of the previous year’s fall term.
  • The German academic year runs from mid-October through mid-July.


Financial details

The Dartmouth student pays a fee to help offset the cost of the exchange (in 2023-24, that was $7,761 per term; any future increase will match the percentage increase in tuition). At the same time, the student receives a living allowance in Germany: presently € 8,000 for the year. There is no tuition. The Federation locates inexpensive housing and helps with all of the paperwork. It also makes a German Railroad Card available.

Because the German exchange is an official arrangement, the Dartmouth student does not need to pay the transfer term fee that the college charges to students who go somewhere else on their own. Dartmouth participants on financial aid are eligible to apply their aid toward program-related expenses.

Course Changes

If you had an approved plan for an exchange or transfer term at another institution, but you find after enrollment that your approved course is not available, you must apply for approval of a substitute course through the Registrar’s Office.


When you have completed the transfer term, you must personally request that an official transcript from the host institution be sent directly to the Dartmouth College Registrar’s Office. All transcripts must be on file in the Registrar's Office by the end of the term immediately following the transfer term. You will not receive credit in your record until Dartmouth's Registrar receives an official transcript from the transfer institution.

Course hours

Most German university courses meet for two hours a week, meaning that the number of contact hours during a 14-week semester is slightly under Dartmouth’s minimum of 30 hours. Students on the full-year exchange can still receive nine credits for nine courses taken in Germany, assuming that the respective departments have approved those courses.

Students who spend just one semester in Germany (only by special arrangement) must take five courses to receive four credits. All five must be approved, and you can then choose which of them will be counted toward the total number of hours.