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  • Professor Yuliya Komska together with two colleagues, Michelle Moyd and David Gramling, just published the book Linguistic Disobedience: Restoring Power to Civic Language. This book asks how we—as citizens, immigrants, activists, teachers—can counter the abuse of language in our midst. How can we take back the power of language from those who flaunt that power to silence or erase us and our fellows? In search of...


    Deutschland von Stadt zu Stadt

    Dieser Kurs stellt sechs der interessantesten Städte in Deutschland vor—Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Heidelberg, Augsburg und Köln. Zu jeder Stadt bietet die Sendereihe Stadtbilder der Deutschen Welle ein Video mit Manuskript und Übungen, eine Bildergalerie sowie Texte mit Vokabelglossar zu Sehenswürdigkeiten, berühmten Persönlichkeiten und historischen Ereignissen. Der Kurs macht auch von...

  • GERM 44.03: The Faust Tradition

    Taught in English at 2A in Summer 2018

    Faust's famous story of selling his soul to the devil in return for knowledge, wealth, power, love, freedom, or youth has been told in many ways and in diverse media. This course considers the life and times of the historical Faust(s), P.F,’s The Damnable Life and Deserved Death of Dr. John Faust, Marlowe's The Tragical History of the Life and...

  • Displaced: Representing the (R)Emigrant in Postwar Cinema

    Talk by Dr. Heike Klapdorf (Berlin)

    May 15th, 4:30 PM
    Black Family Visual Arts Center 001
    Talk conducted in German


    In 1948, Alfred Polgar meant: the fate of the emigrants is that the homeland had become foreign to them. Autobiographies and

    correspondence testify that those returning after the war are not welcome, superfluous, humiliated, ignored, homeless, and desolate -...

  • Students met on Tuesday in 53 Commons to elect the 2018S German Club Leadership:

    President: Ilona Kiss '15

    Vice President: Tara Sweeney '19

    Treasurer: Hyo Lim Jeong '17

    German Club members communicate via Orgsync and the new German listserv (currently 139 subscribers). Messages containing news items can be mailed to [email protected]

  • When Paul Came Over The Sea, Film Screening and Discussion with Director Jakob Preuss

    Thursday, April 12, 2018  |  Loew Auditorium, Black Family Visual Arts Center @ 7 pm - Free and open to all. 

    SYNOPSIS: Paul is a migrant from Cameroon. He has made his way across the Sahara to the Moroccan coast where he now lives in a forest waiting for the right moment to cross the Mediterranean Sea. This is where he meets Jakob, a filmmaker from Berlin, who is researching...

  • Elections of German Club Officers for Spring of 2018 are held on Tuesday, April 10 at 11:30 am in 53 Commons, Upper Level. Cast your ballot for the German club president, Vice President, and Treasurer.

  • The German Club hosted a bake sale in Novack Cafe on Sunday to raise donations for the Upper Valley Haven, an organisation providing temporary shelter and educational programming for homeless families and adults as well as food to anyone in need. With an initial investment of $ 20 in baking supplies, the club raised approx. $ 250. German Club President Ilona Kiss was very pleased with student involvement and revenue turnout, called it "a huge return."

  • Criticially acclaimed German film director and author Doris Dörrie is coming to Dartmouth! 

    Doris Dörrie is a well-known German movie maker who has been working in the film industry for more than 30 years. She received numerous accolades including the German Film Award, Bambi Award, and the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. 

    On Sunday, February 25, 5-7 pm, the Max Kade German Center LLC and the Japanese Language Programm LLC will have a movie and pizza night in...