Courses by Term

2021 Fall

German 1: Introductory German (9L, M. McGillen)

German 1: Introductory German (10, P. McGillen)

German 3: Introductory German continued (10, M. McGillen)

German 10.1: To Be Young and German (10, Gemünden)

German 15: Nazis, Neonazis, Antifa and the Others: Exploring Responses to the Nazi Past (2, Kacandes)

German 42.06: Freud, Psychoanalysis, Jews, and Gender (6B, Fuechtner)

German 42.07: Intercultural Communication (11, Denzel)

German 43.05: Of Golems, Robots and Vampires: The Haunted Screen of Weimar Cinema (10A, Gemünden)

German 64.02: Pulp Fiction Meets High Literature: Media and Writing in 19th-Century Germany (10A, P. McGillen)

FSP/LSA+ in Berlin: German 10 Intermediate German Language and Culture: Contemporary Germany, German 29 Contemporary Germany and Berlin, German 30 Studies in German History, German 31 Studies in German Theater (Ostrau)



German 1: Introductory German (9L, Ostrau)

German 2: Introductory German (9L, Komska)

German 3: Introductory German continued (10, M. McGillen)

German 3: Introductory German continued (10, TBD)

German 7: First-Year Seminars in German Literature (11, Denzel)

German 10.06: Look! A Visual History of Germany (12, Denzel)

German 65.06: Belonging in Germany (10A, Komska)




German 2: Introductory German (9L, Denzel)

German 3: Introductory German continued (10, Denzel)

German 10.03: Understanding German Media (12, Komska)

German 14: Into the Woods: The Brothers Grimm and the European Folklore Tradition (11, Ostrau)

German 42.13: Gender and Jewish-German Culture (11, Von der Lühe)

German 82.09: The Hill We Climb Down (10A, Draesner)

FSP Engineering/German in Berlin: German 2.03: Fast-Track German in Berlin, 44.07: Metropolis Berlin (P. McGillen)