Courses by Term

2020 Winter

GERM 1: Introductory German (9L, Ostrau)
GERM 2: Introductory German (cont., 9L, 10, Denzel)
GERM 7: First-Year Seminar (10A, Miller)
GERM 10.06: Look! A Visual History of Germany (12, Shookman)
GERM 43: Migration, Mobility, and the Movies: German Westerns, Tourist Films and Road Movies in a Global Context (2, Denzel)
GERM 42.10: Knights and Nuns at War: Challenging Social Norms in Medieval German Texts (10 A, Ostrau)
GERM 65: The Case Study: From Detective Fiction to Medical Narratives (Resvick)
GERM 85: Independent Study

2020 Spring

GERM 1: not offered
GERM 2: Introductory German (10, Ostrau)
GERM 3: Intermediate German (10, Mladek)
GERM 10.03: Understanding German Media (12, Komska)
GERM 14: Into the Woods (12, Ostrau)
GERM 42: Practicing Intercultural Communication (Denzel)
GERM 3: Intermediate German (Berlin LSA, Voeste-Scherer)
GERM 5: Aspects of German Culture (Berlin LSA, Joppich)
GERM 6: Readings in German Literature (Berlin LSA, McGillen, P)
GERM 10: Contemporary Germany (Berlin LSA, Hens)
GERM 43/FS 42: Of Golems, Robots, and Vampires: The Haunted Screen of Weimar Cinema (10A, Gemunden)
GERM 82: How to become a Transformer – On Literary Adaptations (2A, Steinacker)                   
GERM 85: Independent Study

2020 Summer

GERM 10: GERM 10.00 Intermediate German Language and Culture: Contemporary Germany (12, Shookman)
GERM 44.03: Souls Sold to the Devil: The Faust Tradition (In English Translation (10, Shookman)




2020 Fall

GERM 1: Introductory German (9S, Komska)
GERM 1:  Introductory German  (10, Denzel)
GERM 3:  Intermediate German (10, Mladek)

GERM 10.01: To Be Young and German (12, Ostrau)

GERM 15:  Nazis, Neonazis, Antifa and the Others: Exploring Responses to the Nazi Past (12, Kacandes)

GERM 64: TBA (McGillen, M)




2020 Summer

GERM 10.00:  Contemporary Germany (12, Shookman)

GERM 44.03:  The Faust Tradition (2A, Shookman)