Students wishing to declare a minor must sign up for it no later than the fall term of their senior year.


Prerequisites: Two courses taught in German at the intermediate level: German 6 (LSA/+), German 10.00 (LSA+ or on campus), German 10.01, German 10.03, German 10.06, or permission of the Chair.

Minor-level courses: Four courses numbered German 13 or above, as follows:

• German 13-16 and German 42-47 are taught in English translation. No more than two may count toward the minor. 

• German 29, 30, 31 (Berlin FSP/LSA+), and 61-82 are taught in German. A minimum of two must be taken to complete the minor.

By permission of the Chair, one of the German Studies department courses in English may be replaced with an appropriate advanced course in another department or program, such as Film Studies, Government, Engineering, History, Jewish Studies, Music, or Philosophy. At least one-third of the work in the course should be on topics related to German Studies.