Language Study Abroad

Our LSA/LSA+ program takes place in Berlin each spring and summer term. It provides intermediate language instruction and a wide-ranging exposure to German life and culture. 


You need to pass German 2 or its equivalent with a grade of B- or better. Students who have already completed German 3 may also take part in the LSA+ and will take German 10.00 abroad instead.


  • German 3 (Intermediate German) is taught by Gesine Voeste-Scherer, a long-time instructor at both the Free University and the Goethe Institute in Berlin. She studied at the Free University of Berlin and University of Würzburg, as well as at Princeton and Berkeley. She has also taught at Reed College and the Universities of London and Kent.
  • German 5 (Contemporary German Culture) is conducted by Christine Joppich, an art historian. The course features excursions to a number of Berlin's cultural and historical sites. WCult: W.
  • German 6 (Introduction to German Literature) is taught by the faculty member directing the LSA. It treats literary works connected with Berlin and usually includes theater visits. 
  • German 10.00 (Advanced Intermediate German) is, by arrangement, available as an option to students who have already completed German 3. Taught by Gregor Hens.