Language Study Abroad

Our LSA/LSA+ programs take place in Berlin. The summer term program provides intermediate language instruction and a wide-ranging exposure to German life and culture. The fall term offers students the option of choosing either an LSA+ or, if their level of German qualifies them for more advanced work, an FSP


You need to pass German 2 or its equivalent with a grade of B- or better. Students who have already completed German 3 may also take part in the LSA+ and will take German 10.00 abroad instead.


  • German 3 (Intermediate German) is taught by Michael Saman, a Harvard-trained Germanist and intellectual historian with a wide range of expertise. He has written extensively on the Black American intellectual W.E.B. Du Bois' relationship with German philosophical and political thought.
  • German 5 (Contemporary German Culture) is conducted by Christine Joppich, an art historian. The course features excursions to a wide range of Berlin's cultural and historical sites. WCult: W.
  • German 6 (Introduction to German Literature) is taught by the faculty member directing the LSA. It treats literary works connected with contemporary Berlin or Germany at large and usually includes theater visits. 
  • German 10.00 (Advanced Intermediate German) is available by arrangement to students who have already completed German 3. It's taught by Detlef Gericke-Schönhagen, who directed the Boston branch of Germany's worldwide language and culture promoter, the Goethe Institut.