German LLC Students Learn the Art of Pretzel Making in Baking Workshop

During the winter term, students from the German Language Learning Community (LLC) had the opportunity to participate in a soft pretzel making workshop at King Arthur's Bakery. Led by a local baker, the session focused on the practical aspects of dough preparation and pretzel shaping.

Karin Heider, German Studies Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA), described the experience, noting, "Upon entering the classroom, all necessary utensils were ready for us. Each student was provided with a blender, ingredients, and a recipe."

The workshop allowed students to customize their pretzels by incorporating ingredients like cheese or cinnamon, the latter being less common in traditional German pretzels. Heider commented, "Forming the pretzels required careful handling."

Overall, the event provided an opportunity for students to try something new and build camaraderie. "In summary, it was a pleasant afternoon where we explored a new skill and got to know each other better. This day will be remembered," said Heider.

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