Werner Kleinhardt's Passing

Werner Kleinhardt, Emeritus Professor of German and Comparative Literature, passed away on July 21, 2022, after a long illness. Born in 1930 in Parchim, Germany, Werner was seized by the Russians at the end of the war and spent the rest of his teen years in the Gulag, primarily in Buchenwald, which had become NKVD Special Camp Nr. 2. His autobiographical novel, Jedem das Seine (Suhrkamp, 1982), describes his experiences.

He taught at Dartmouth from 1965 until his retirement in 1999, after having studied at Berlin's Französisches Gymnasium, received his doctorate in Hamburg, and worked as a journalist in Paris. In 1969, he organized and directed the department's first Foreign Study Program. In his retirement, he continued to write and regularly taught philosophy courses in OSHER.