Lecture "Translating Capital in the Twenty-First Century"

On May 9th, Paul Reitter spoke about his new English edition of Marx's Capital (Vol. 1), which will include the first English retranslation in more than forty years.  

Paul Reitter teaches in the German department at Ohio State University. Reitter's articles and essays have appeared in an array of venues, ranging from Representations, and American Imago, to Harper's Magazine, the TLS, The Nation, and the LA Review of Books. Reitter has worked collaboratively on a number of editions, including The Kraus Project (FSG, 2013), with Jonathan Franzen and Daniel Kehlmann, Anti-Education: On the Future of Our Educational Institutions (New York Review of Books Classics series, 2015), with Chad Wellmon, The Rise of the Research University a Sourcebook (University of Chicago Press, 2017), with Louis Menand and Chad Wellmon, and the forthcoming volume, for which he served as the translator, The Autobiography of Solomon Maimon (Princeton University Press, 2018), with Abraham Socher and Yitzhak Melamed. He is the author, most recently, of Bambi's Jewish Roots and Other Essays on German-Jewish Culture (Bloomsbury, 2015). Co-sponsored by the Leslie Center for the Humanities and the Jewish Studies Program.