German film director Doris Dörrie at Dartmouth

Criticially acclaimed German film director and author Doris Dörrie at Dartmouth! 

Doris Dörrie is a well-known German movie maker who has been working in the film industry for more than 30 years. She received numerous accolades including the German Film Award, Bambi Award, and the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. 

On February 25, the Max Kade German Center LLC and the Japanese Language Programm LLC sponsored a movie and pizza night in the Max Kade Center to watch Doris Dörrie's most recent movie, Grüße aus Fukushima [Fukushima, mon Amour], and to discuss the movie with the director.

On the next day, February 26, the German Club and other interested students met with Dörrie in Occom Commons to learn more about what it's like to make movies, write a screenplay, and work in the film industry.