Nick Ostrau presents Virtual Chatbot Application at ACTFL Conference

Nick Ostrau presented German Chatterbox 1.0  to  highschool and college educators at the ACTFL 2017 Convention & World Languages Expo in Nashville, TN.

German Chatterbox 1.0 ( is an interactive chatbot-based language learning application currently under development by the German Language Program director at Dartmouth. The online application allows first-year learners of German as a second language to communicate in German with 10 life-like virtual (artificial intelligence/ A.I.) chat personalities through guided interactions and integrated multimedia. All chat partners feature read-out-loud vocabulary lists, a dictation button and microphone input.

Virtual chat sessions practice the learner's writing, reading and decision making skills in a natural environment where live native speakers are not available. With  internet access, chat partners are online 24/7. Worksheets for all chat partners may be downloaded for in class or at home use. 

German Chatterbox can be asscessed from the Dartmouth German Studies Resources site.