German Club News

Under the leadership of last year’s Kade Resident Advisor, Alke Stern, the German Club held a number of events last year, including a weekly German Table, film nights, cooking and baking lessons, Abendbrote, Oktoberfest and Fasching celebrations, and a literary reading with Christopher Kloeble. There were also sponsored visits to concerts by Richard Goode and the Handel Society, as well as to the Met Opera Live production of Les Contes D’Hoffmann.

In April, Rolf Schütte, the German Council General in Boston, spoke to a general audience on the “Fifty Years of Diplomatic Relations between Germany and Israel” and also took the opportunity to join German Club members for lunch at the weekly German Table.

In May, Philipp Ackermann, the Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission at the German Embassy in Washington, participated in a forum sponsored by the Hanover-Norwich schools. He also met with some members of the German Club for an informal Kaffeestunde.