German Parliament Internships

The German Department offers over two paid internships each calendar year in the Bundestag in Berlin.

About the Program

Students with a background in government, economics, and/or history, as well as fluency in German, may work as research assistants in various administrative departments or parliamentary committees during any term other than the summer. A monthly stipend covers living expenses. Students often do this internship immediately after spending a term on the German Studies FSP in Berlin.

Andrew Clay '12 has prepared a Bundestag Internship Manual that offers valuable information.

Application information

Applicants should should submit a "Statement of Purpose" and two letters of recommendation to Ann Fenton <>, the Administrator of German Studies, by the end of the winter term of the previous year. The statement of purpose should describe in a page or two your reasons for wanting to work in the Bundestag, as well as what relevant courses you will have had before participating.

Successful applicants will later on be asked for more specific descriptions (in German) of their interests so that they can be placed in the appropriate parliamentary committee. They will also need to fill out a few simple forms, as well as submit a résumé in German.