DartDrill is a program that allows students to practice grammatical forms and receive feedback on their efforts. It is the most recent in a series of increasingly sophisticated versions of a computer program begun by Emeritus Professor Bruce Duncan at Dartmouth College in 1967.

Grammar Review

Grammatik is a systematic survey of German grammar by Emeritus Professor Bruce Duncan.


Annotext is a web-based application that was developed at Dartmouth College to assist students in understanding linguistically difficult literary texts.

TV and Video Resources

The Dartmouth campus DarTV carries two German stations: Deutsche Welle and, for more popular fare, Pro7Sat1world.

In the iTunes Music Store, a search on “ZDF” produces everything from audio and video “Nachrichten” to “Der Krimi Podcast” to children’s “Podcast der Logo.” They are about 30 minutes each and are updated every day.

Two other valuable sites for downloadable and streaming media: and

Library Resources

The German Studies Web for the Association of College and Research Libraries provides access to selected scholarly resources in German Studies and to a wide variety of links of interest to students of German, including a convenient listing of German-language news sources on the web.

The Dartmouth College Library has a library catalog and selected databases for German Studies as well as traditional reference books in the Baker/Berry reference room.