Drill leader workshops to start on first day of classes

The German Studies Program is looking to fill paid positions for German 1 and 2 in Winter 2022.

The German Studies Program is looking to fill paid positions (2hrs on 3 days/week) for our Beginning German Language and Culture drill sections (German 1 and 2) in Winter 2022.


Student drill leaders will:


- be trained in performing the Dartmouth Rassias language drill 

- work closely with the faculty instructor of the class

- be paid by the German Studies Program

- add experience to your resume

- practice their German

- meet fellow students


To be considered, all potential drill candidates must attend the general orientation workshop, in addition to the two German workshops and the tryouts during the first week of classes:


Tuesday, January 4: General Orientation (4:30-5:30 pm)  in SILSBY 028 on 3 Tuck Mall followed by the first German drill workshop (5:30-7 pm) in SILSBY 312 on 3 Tuck Mall 

Wednesday, January 5: Second German drill workshop (4:30-6:30 pm) in SILSBY 312 on 3 Tuck Mall 

Thursday, January 6: Tryouts (4:30-5:00 pm) in SILSBY 312 on 3 Tuck Mall 


For more information on drill, go to: