Our Winter 21 Course Offerings

Sign up for a German Studies course this winter term. We offer classes in German and in English that help fulfill the language requirement, carry credit for the graduation requirement and are applicable to a German major or minor degree.


GERM 1: Introductory German (BL, Denzel)
GERM 2: Introductory German (BL, Ostrau; C, Denzel)
GERM 3: Introductory German (C, Miller)
GERM 7: First-Year Seminar: Franz Kafka: Parable and Paradox. (G, Miller)
GERM 10.06: Look! A Visual History of Germany (E, Shookman)
GERM 44.05:  Where the Wild Things Are: The Culture of Environmentalism in Germany [taught in English] (J, Komska)
GERM 46.02:  Kafka and Brecht: Alienation, Satire, and Revolt [taught in English] (G, Mladek)
GERM 65.09: Taboo Relationships: Deviant Desires in German Literature and Film (E, Ostrau)

Contact us for more information:

Petra McGillen | Acting Department Chair | petra.mcgillen@dartmouth.edu

Nick Ostrau | Language Program Director | nicolay.ostrau@dartmouth.edu